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What are Dreadlocks?

What is the first thing that came into your mind?

For those who have them they say,

“Dreadlocks is more than a hairstyle…this is our lifestyle.”

Imagine what will happen to your current job if you suddenly get a crown.
Do you think you can keep your job having a crown?

Some maybe yes. However, if you are working; for example, in a department store, corporate offices, fast food, and even as a taxi cab driver, dreadlocks (as well as tattoos) are often discriminated against. Your dreadlocks, or your ‘crown’ is enough to have you rejected from the interview, or to be fired for, if you are already working.

The United States; just recently, passed, The Crown Act, prohibiting hairstyle discrimination.

What we are trying to say about dreadlocks, is that we live it, we live with it, and we live with the consequences. t is a lifestyle choice.

The good news is, why we, along with millions of people around the globe, respect, honor, and love Rasta people so much.

Their dreadlock, Rasta lifestyle is…

Loving… Caring… Humble…Organic…Environment-Friendly, and their Nature Lovers.

That is why we built the ”I Dreadlocks Magazine” to celebrate and showcase the best of our dreadlocks lovers community.

We pride ourselves in our uncanny, holistic ability to showcase their natural, God-given talents, craftsmanship, entrepreneurial-spirit, and passions, in an inspiring way.

At the same time, we spotlight their joy, capture their unique-form of success, and give honor to their tenacity, to overcome, and to become successful, in spite of the discrimination, and circumstances they go through in their everyday lives.

We interviewed some of who we call, “Community Sonorities” like Dhyon Dready(Bulacan), Avelino(Cavite) and we showcase nearly 500 dreadlocks artists, entrepreneurs, jewelry makers, suppliers, event organizers, bands, professional, hot spots and lovers.

Come with us! Help us! Let’s Show Support!

BuyRast & #BuyLocal are more than hashtags, they represent the incomes and livelihoods, of our community.

By supporting them, by buying from them directly, by supporting their causes.

”If you support a dreamer, you support his dreams.”

I Dreadlocks Magazine coming soon….