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Master Craftsman, Cloven Barola"

Handmade & Handcrafted Traditional Philippines Jewelry

From the MAASIN, Province in Southern Leyte, Philippines. Traditional Seashell Jewelry, Anklets, Crafted Gifts, Lighter Holders, Dream Catchers & More.


Philippines Dreadlocks Artists Pop Onto The International Map.

When you think of Asia, The Philippines Islands, and Tropical Paradises, typically images of beaches, beautiful bronze-colored bodies, fabulous shopping, resorts, amazing food, live music, and swank parties come to mind.

For others, they imagine the vibes of a simple, all-natural, and tranquil lifestyle.  You may visualize ancient tattoo artists and their world-renowned techniques, vibrant colors, wooden drums, Rasta men, women, and their beautiful dreadlocks.

However, what’s beyond the dreaming and images?

What’s next once you decide to visit the islands, get a tattoo, or get your dream dreadlocks?

How do you connect with the culture, book a Rasta tour, a reggae band, or Philippines dreadlocks artists?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. 

This is the ALL-NEW I LOVE DREADLOCKS Lifestyle, Philippines Limited Special Edition, Artists Showcase & Look Book proudly presented by the US multi-award-winning publishers of The Philippines Magazine International and Philippines Ink.


We are the quintessential Philippines dreadlocks lovers, showcase, for all the popular looks, traditional natural styles, modern extension trends, installation, repair, bookings, events, bands, and more.

Support the community.  You can join out I Love Dreadlocks Group in Facebook, as well as, buying, hiring, promoting, and showing love to the dreadlocks community at-large.

Today, we dreadlocks lovers are all around the world, at every economic level, in every color, from every religion, and we need to all unite and love one another –always.

Enjoy this internationally distributed digital showcase of dreadlocks-Philippines-made products, artists style, lifestyle and culture guide.

We pride ourselves in being inside the real-dreadlocks community, and bring to you dreadlocks entrepreneurs, like Avelino Abadiez, The Pinoy Dreadman Salon, unique product suppliers like, Kultura 8th Street, Bilog Out Door, renowned artists such as, Gilbert Dizon Mallari, Walter Adriano, Dukes Dreadication, as well as, Rabas Out Door, Gahi Out Door, Sprak Outfitters, Ian Panican, and Marlon Villas, John Ray Garcia, and Mark Decano.

We pledge to consistently deliver the latest local dreadlocks trends, hot spots, emerging local industries and businesses, and The Dreadlocks Lover’s Lifestyle Directory –the biggest and most-inclusive Rasta Lifestyle Guide in the country.   

I LOVE DREADLOCKS Magazine, is an eye-opening glimpse into the historic, exciting, fun, and hip Philippines Rasta-centric Life. 

If you would like to be showcased, or to advertise, you can enjoy the LOWEST AD RATES IN AMERICA & THE PHILIPPINES Guaranteed, along with 100% GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION VIA The  I LOVE DREADZ APP.

We want to send a warm and humble thank you to all of the dreadlocks lovers and fans, from all around the world, who follow, read, and support us, as well as, our community of dreadlocks entrepreneurs.

We now, boast the highest Rasta-centric readership in the country; targeted to more than 250,000 dreadlocks-loving-consumers in the Philippines –and around the world.

We are uniquely niched to both local and international dreadlocks lover interests; as well as, entertainment, tourism, lifestyle, in both the public and private sectors.

It’s a ‘New Normal’ all over the world and we are the world’s first dreadlocks lifestyle digital magazine and fan group, dedicated to promoting the positive image, businesses, and creations of the global dreadlocks community.

Exclusive Features:  The Reggae Under The Stars I Love Dreadlocks Show, Philippines dreadlocks lifestyle-centric insights, industry trends, reviews, our 500 FAVS Lists, our 100 BEST Lists, dreadlocks-entrepreneur-made product showcases, feature articles, and The FULL-ACCESS I Love Dreadlocks content which is always in touch with “The Philippines Rasta Life Pulse”.

Our “Dreadlocks Lifestyle Directory” is the largest of its kind –ever

Including more than 500 professional dreadlocks artists, products, bands, gear, travel, favorite Rasta hangouts, and Reggae Hot Spots:

It’s the largest and most-inclusive dreadlocks lifestyle directory in the country.

“The Philippines Dreadlocks Looks Book Guide” Special Edition, showcases Philippines professional dreadlocks artists, and their work.  These are the most unique and effective write-ups about the artists’ signature style, their techniques, we also encourage you to grab their information, which is freely provided in their ads, listings, and showcases.  Feel free to contact them for direct-bookings, purchases, or by contacting our “I LOVE DREADLOCKS Concierge” and we will be our pleasure to connect you.

Enjoy, the largest, most inclusive, and diverse content in the market –which we know is what dreadlock lovers really want!

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