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Please, Give Me A Sign.

All of us -at least once in our lives- have said it. 

And then,  it happens!  You get the sign, and you say to yourself,

“This is it, the time is right.  I’m doing it!”

Well, we’d like to personal give you a few signs.  We’d like to hope that just like this has inspired us, we hope, actually know this is the sign you have been looking for.

What thoughts pop into your mind, when you see a sexy, kool,   hot, stylish, and colorfull head of dreadlocks?

I ❤ Dreadlocks. 

But, do you discriminate? 

Do you stare?

Do you distance yourself, or, are you drawn in by the unique beauty.

No matter what you think, the fact is that dreadlock are the global new sexy.

Celebrities, whites, the rich, and even Super Models are rockin’ locs nowadays.

Dreadlocks are more than just their hairstyle; their lovely locs, are a symbol of their lifestyle.

Dreadlocks are a statement of their connection to God’s green earth, a symbol o their inner freedom, and evidence of their minimalist-minded lifestyle.

Have you ever imaged yourself having dreadlocks?

Be honest.  Have you thought about it, even once.

Did you know, that dreadlocks are not cheap.

Actually, people who wear dreadlocks, spend more money on their hair than most clean-cut professionals.

Also, dreadlocks are not just a ‘style’ of your hair; they signify your spiritual intent, natural and supernatural powers, and are a universal, globally recognized statement of non-violence, individuality, communalism and socialistic values, as well as, solidarity with less fortunate or oppressed minorities, (I got that from Google).

In short, Dreadlocks represent peace.

Are you ready?

It’s Dreadlocks Sexy Summer Season again, and I ❤️ Dreadlocks Magazine wants to help you get those sexy dreadlocks you’ve been dreaming of.

Checkout these amazing styles, pick your favorite, and let us book you, with our best artist for your budget and location.

Our digital limited edition magazine is downloadable and available  WORLDWIDE at The Apps Store and Google Play…as well as www.ThePhilippinesMagazine.com.

You can also visit and cobbext with the world of dreadlocks by joining of I ❤ Dreadlocks Group on Facebook.

Here are a few of our favorite Philippines artists styles for you to choose from.

Book your Dreadlocks NOW and get up to 20% OFF!!!  For A Limited Time Only.

Your Choice!

Dreadlocks install, repair, treatment, color, and/or maintenance we’ve got you covered Philippines!


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